About Tim

TimTim grew up in Phoenix, AZ and was drawn to the natural beauty of the diverse landscapes of the Arizona back country.  He spent most of his free time exploring the wild areas of northern and southern Arizona.  Trekking  the Sonoran Desert and the Kaibab Plateau became a passion.   Walking and running thru country and landscapes, that you may be the first, or first in 1000 years to travel….this is Tim’s passion.

Rock formations were challenging obstacles; so rock climbing/mountain climbing became a necessity.  An avid climber in earlier years, Tim and his climbing partner, John Annerino, taught climbing and desert survival classes at Scottsdale Community College.

Tim cut his distance running and event logistics planning teeth on the first…and never repeated…250 mile trans Grand Canyon Ultra Distance run by John Annerino on the Tonto Trail.  East to west…250 miles in 5 days!

He found himself in situations that he thought he could not get beyond…but he did.  Training, Technique, Coaching…all got him beyond his expectations. He says, “we all can!”

Years later, Tim met and married Cynthia, and the die was cast…Jus Run, became a natural realty!!

Tim’s professional careers include:

Sales Director:  Graton Beverage Company and Southland Beverage Corporation

Western Region Sales Manager:  JB Marketing

Tim has been responsible for site management and logistics and timing for over 45 races, including the Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Ultra Marathon in 2011 and 2012, the Summerlin Half Marathon in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and multiple 10K and 5K events.

Tim is a certified Chronotrack timer and manages site management and logistics, timing and marketing for all Jus Run events.

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